Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Recommended Story of the Week: Theme of Self-Reflection for the New Year

Haku's Power: Theme of Self-Reflection

This week's story comes to us from Japan; Haku's Power is a short story about a stone-cutter who magically becomes anything he wishes. From an Emperor to a mighty rain cloud, he realizes that he has more freedom and power as a stone-cutter than he originally envisioned. A story of Self-Reflection which teaches that perhaps, the best thing we can be is ourselves! Most importantly, the best version of ourselves. READ IT HERE 

One of our more popular short stories, it has been used by Florida, North Carolina and Utah State assessments. The read time for ages 8-14 is 3-5mins. This story is a great springboard to not only talk about our theme, but to teach plot sequence, main idea and character analysis to meet many Common Core Standards.

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