Free Short Stories for Kids: Stories of the Month

August Themes- Back to School/Courage
Welcome to Stories to Grow by Free Short Stories for Kids! Each month we will explore a group of 
our stories through a monthly theme. These Fairy Tales and Folktales will showcase the monthly 
theme through positive moral messages. 
We will choose stories that can be used in the classroom, typically ages 6-12. Each of the free short 
stories for kids listed will be available for the entire month. The remaining monthly themes for this 
year are as follows:
August: Back to School/Courage
September: Honesty
October: Fairy Tales for Fall
November: Giving/Kindness
December: Self-Reflection
Each week our Blog will feature in-depth descriptions of the stories and lesson plans for the ELA 
classroom. If the stories for the month have an accompanying Reader’s Theater Script, we will 
have those available for free also!

Explore over  100 award-winning short stories for kids which make wonderful Moral Stories 
as well as Bedtime Stories!   Folktales (or folk tales) are stories that have been shared from generation to 
generation by word of mouth. These folklore stories consist of Fairy Tales (or fairytales), Animal 
tales and Legends, which you will find here! Our short stories are Kid-tested, Multicultural and 
feature positive messages to leave a lasting impression on the children in your lives! They also make 
wonderful Moral Stories for the classroom and at home!
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